Yoga teacher training online

Yoga teacher training online

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My yoga teacher told me that Arhanta Yoga teacher training is a special gift I would give myself and today I can confirm it. The trainers are really good, very knowledgeable and professional. It is an amazing experience. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.
If you want to experience the ashram lifestyle and prefer to have personal supervision from the teachers, sorry, this course is not right for you.If you want to experience a yogic lifestyle and ashram life. If you can travel for four weeks and are looking for direct learning from the masters. This course is not ideal for you.In this case, we suggest you take a look at our face-to-face yoga teacher training.
Worldwide Accredited CertificationOur online yoga teacher training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and CRKBO (Netherlands).
536x3We have an installment system available for the lifetime access plan, with 3 equal monthly installments. With the installment system, you will get access to each part of the course after each payment. To purchase the installments, click on the link below.

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From home, but with a deep interaction with the rest of the students and the teaching team, always ready to solve your doubts. You will feel that you contribute your experience and knowledge to the whole community.
Learning to lead a group of people and gain their trust is not easy. It requires a process and knowing some techniques. Our course pays special attention to this point, so that you are ready to start your career immediately.
Our main intention is to transmit the values and principles of yoga as they are understood in India, providing the tools to face the challenges of life with calm and serenity.
2. Pass the Online Final Exam or do a Project, which consists of organizing your own yoga event following guidelines set by the teachers. This modality shows aspects of the student that cannot be evaluated during the techniques exam.
This course is suitable for beginners and also for advanced practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge in important aspects such as the Philosophy of Yoga and the techniques of Meditation and Pranayama. The most important thing is to do it with passion and dedication.

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The Programs address all the aspects that make up an integrative and open vision that also includes tradition. They facilitate a practical perspective whose objective is to enhance the capabilities and experiences of the students.
The International School of Yoga is an institution open to evolution and to the future; it integrates the best of the tradition of Yoga with the new ways of knowledge and the different forms of practice that are being addressed in today’s society.
Complement your training to become a Specialized Instructor in specific areasSpecialized Instructor in Restorative Yoga – 100hThis course offers tools and resources to develop sessions for people with stress, pain and functional limitations.
Specialized Instructor in Yoga in Education – 100hThis course offers the necessary pedagogy to transmit, from childhood to adolescence, the tools and resources that Yoga and Meditation bring to development and growth.
Individual TutoringThe student receives constant attention from a Personal Tutor. He/she has a specialized follow-up that helps him/her to deepen in the contents of the course as well as in his/her personal practice and in his/her pedagogical processAdvanced and conciliatory technologyAccess to the contents is made in a very close and easy to use Virtual Campus.

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The online yoga teacher course aims to prepare qualified and inspired yoga instructors who are able to draw on their own personal practice and discipline to impart the yoga experience to others.
“I feel very grateful to be at a time whose circumstances have allowed me to be part of the online TTC Course. It is an enriching experience that I have lived with curiosity, enthusiasm and discipline. I hope that more people can live it like me, without prejudice, worry or anxiety. For me it has been a mirror, a challenge, and a starting point of a path to explore. I sincerely hope that more people can get to know this online TTC course.”