Yoga en leon

Yoga en leon

Laura und ich machen yoga am strand in tulum

We encourage you to listen inward to know what is happening from within, and not try to do or copy inaccessible postures that we think are glamorous, imitating someone else, or an image from a book.
To achieve the correct body alignment requires precision in the technical details, for a proper placement of each part of the body, which requires an increased level of attention and concentration and a very active and intense sensitive communication with each part of the body involved in the required actions.

Larry and leon takes a yoga class (namaste)

02Organize your private yoga classes in LeonTalk to your yoga teacher to indicate your needs and your availability. Schedule your yoga classes and pay for them securely from your email. Practicing yoga in León has never been so easy.
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Before you start looking for a yoga instructor, first you have to know what part of the body you want to work on and what type of yoga you are interested in learning. You will see, there are some differences between them:

Clase de yoga de 20 minutos con leon taylor (#1)

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Boulevard Francisco González Boncanegra 2001 – El Tlacuache Oriente; Boulevard Francisco Villa – León De Los Aldama; Boulevard Francisco González Boncanegra 1520 – León Moderno; Boulevard Francisco González Boncanegra 1603 – León Moderno; Manuel M. Ponce 1317 – Las Arboledas; Estación Francisco Villa; Blvd. Torres Landa Oriente – El Tlacuache Oriente.
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Yogic / yoga for children – capsule “roar like the lion”.

To enter the lion pose you must get into a kneeling position. Cross the right ankle over the left ankle, allowing the feet to point to both sides. Sit back on your right heel, while pressing your palms firmly against your knees, opening and spreading your fingers wide. Now inhale deeply through your nose. Breathing plays an essential role in the lion pose. After inhaling, exhale, opening your mouth and stretching your tongue towards your chin, making the “ha” sound. Open your eyes wide as you do so. Hold the posture for a few seconds and change knees, repeating the posture with the left knee crossed over the right.