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One of the cars in which they normally travel has been out of service since June 26th, so the editors have had to organize themselves and move around the province with only two vehicles. Today, they were also forced to travel around the city on foot, carrying the cameras and accessories needed to produce the television pieces, equipment weighing more than five kilos.

In addition to the precariousness of means derived from the obligation to travel by cab to cover the news throughout the province, there is one more complaint. The editors had requested new computer equipment, since the previous ones “were obsolete” and did not meet the appropriate requirements for the development of their work.

The affected workers are now studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit to paralyze the decision taken by the management of TVG. The staff delegates had requested a report in relation to what happened, while the sanctioned professionals filed allegations that have not been taken into account.

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The Consello de la Xunta has evaluated this Friday a report of the Consellería do Medio Rural that points out that more than 65 percent of the surface of the 270 municipalities adhered to the 2018 agreement of defense of villages against fires is already clean of undergrowth and forbidden trees.

The National Consello of the BNG will approve, this Saturday, the candidacy that will lead Ana Pontón to return to stand at the head of the nationalist formation in the XVII National Assembly next November 7, after being elected for the first time in 2016 and repeating in office in 2017.

The Consello da Xunta has authorized this Friday the signing of an agreement with the Juana de Vega Foundation for the study of the Galician local plant and the promotion of new processes of municipal merger, amounting to an amount of 72,600 euros.

The City Council of Vigo will prepare a study to develop a strategic plan to detect situations of vulnerability in elderly people living alone in the city and to know their needs.

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Barreiro: “What matters to us is our fans, we want them to come. It will be a very nice match, if the field can be full, all the better. We want to have the fans close to us “Read more Share29/10/2021 13:51R.Albés: “I want to be more than them. I want to see my people winning the game off the pitch. That’s what our players feel. We want those people. “27/10/2021 14:13Campabadal: “I hope that our people are noticed, that they press from the beginning, that they are with us, and that they are heard more. We make an appeal, they have to help us “27/10/2021 13:08Carlos Menéndez, new physical trainer of CD Lugo26/10/2021 14:14Barreiro: “What matters to us is our people, we want them to come. It will be a very nice match, if the field can be full, all the better. We want to have the fans close to us”.

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An earthquake shook just over an hour ago in the north of Galicia. It was around half past six o’clock. The seismic movement, with epicenter in the sea, north of Ortigueira, had a magnitude of 4.4 on the ritcher scale.

And with Alcoa, as its own name… the workers are happy after the Supreme Court confirmed that the multinational cannot close the vats or lay off half a million employees, but the management already knows that nothing changes and that the factory is not viable.

The Supreme Court ratified the sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia, which annuls the ERE of Alcoa in San Cibrao, which intended the dismissal of 524 workers. Now they say that the government should take over the factory to sell it.

The very active cold front that enters from the northwest is already making itself felt. The ceos will be more covered as the day progresses, with locally heavy showers and that will be generalized in the evening. Maximum temperatures will drop. (28/10/2021)