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Ramiro calle yoga

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He considers himself a “sleuth” in search of peace of mind, although he has always defended that a yogi is not a soul saver. “Many times when I go to give a lecture I say: excuse me for defining myself a little. I am a disbeliever, I am an unbeliever and I am an uncritic without acrimony”. His thinking is like that of “a good gourmet” who takes from all cuisines. “I take from Sufism, yoga, Buddhism, tantra, Taoism, Zen, Christian mysticism… I take what I think is most necessary for people in this convulsive, totally merciless and chaotic world in which we live. Because, unfortunately, this society does not care at all about the spiritual, psychic or mental wellbeing of the individual”.
To talk to Ramiro is to collect phrases to be framed. With the serenity of a tropical calm, the Yogi delivers verbal lashes against our society. But he always does so in the plural. He considers himself part of the problem. Ramiro sees us – and himself – as obfuscated, egomaniacal, superficial and mentally unhealthy. And that is why he meditates and invites to meditate.

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Ramiro Antonio Calle Capilla (Madrid, 1943) is a yoga teacher and writer. He has written more than a hundred[1] books on various subjects, mostly philosophical or spiritual, but also collections of short stories and travel guides.[2] Since 1971 he has directed the yoga center Shadak, through which more than three hundred thousand people have passed.[3] He has also taught at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and has lectured elsewhere.[4] He has also taught at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and has given conferences in other places.[5] He has written several books on yoga, including “En la yoga” and “En la yoga”.
Among his books is “En el límite” (2011) where he narrates his near-death experience due to a disease he contracted in Sri Lanka, listeriosis that left him in a coma for several days and from which, despite the severity, he was able to recover.[8] He has also published a number of books on the subject.
His work as a popularizer of yoga and meditation in different media, including the program Saber Vivir (TVE), Otra Dimensión (Telecinco) and Cuarto Milenio (Cuatro), stands out.[9][10] He has also participated in radio programs of different networks including COPE, Antena 3 de Radio, Cadena SER, RNE, Onda Cero (as a collaborator in a travel program), Cadena Rato, Radio Voz, etc. He is known for being the yoga instructor of Fernando Verdasco, Gabino Diego,[5] Guti, Queen Sofia[11] or Rodrigo Rato, who prefaced one of his books[12].

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After the success of the previous book “Learn Yoga”, made for those who want to start practicing yoga (available in book only or book with DVD) we have decided to release this work, which goes much deeper into yoga than the previous one, allowing those who wish to expand their knowledge in a practical, easy and safe way, according to the method of yoga practiced with so much success by Ramiro Calle and Isabel Morillo. The DVD that complements this book includes two complete yoga classes, an invigorating yoga table, a yoga table for couples and a table for advanced practitioners. For you to practice at home with two good teachers.
The human being, the less subject he is to attachments, the more he establishes himself in dispassion and eliminates the bonds of the mind, the freer he is, the more independent, the more valuable for himself and for others. There is a rational knowledge and there is a suprarational knowledge. Buddhism makes use of both. Discriminating wisdom is like a scalpel to tear away the fog of illusion. The Dharma Eye can see where only ordinary eyes see fog. It is the Eye of Truth, which transcends the merely human condition and can see things as they are. And I call genuine Buddhism that which, far from all obscurantism, openly showed the Buddha for the benefit of human beings.


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Profesor pionero de yoga y orientalista español, Ramiro A. Calle es autor de más de 200 obras. En su Centro de Yoga Shaduk, que dirige desde 1971, ha enseñado a cientos de miles de personas. Es un gran investigador de Buda y su pensamiento, y un maestro de la meditación y el yoga budistas. En 2003 ganó el Premio de Espiritualidad por su obra “Grandes maestros espirituales”, y aparece con frecuencia en los medios de comunicación. Es el impulsor de las primeras investigaciones médico-yógicas en nuestro país. Su último libro, “Ingeniería emocional”, ha sido un éxito rotundo.