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relaxation and meditation workshop, by ramiro calle part 2

Breath is energy, vital force, physical and mental vigor. It is the link between the body and the mind, between consciousness and the unconscious, between the individual breath and the Great Breath or cosmic breath. The breath is an extraordinary ally, a formidable tool that we should not fail to use. There is a very close relationship between the breath and the mind; so much so that the yogis have always said that the breath is the horse and the mind is the rider. By the conquest of the breath comes the conquest of the mind; by the control of the mind comes the control of the breath. If we are more attentive to ourselves, we will realize the intimate connection between mind and breath. Moods are reflected in a specific type of breathing, just as each type of breathing recreates a special mood. Better regulated, deeper and slower breathing has great power to calm the mind and pacify the emotions.

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Ramiro Calle is a yoga teacher and writer of more than 250 books on spiritual and philosophical themes, stories and travel guides. He collaborates with the magazine Espacio Humano where he shares information on a weekly basis. In his blog www.ramirocalle.com you will be surprised by the valuable information that you will find if you are a lover of yoga, meditation and relaxation. She also runs since 1971 her center SHADAK (C/Ayala, 10. Madrid) where every day you can attend her classes of mental yoga and physical yoga. And not only that, on the internet you can find many videos with his courses and trainings, in addition to having taught at the Autonomous University of Madrid among many other collaborations.
In my mind I had hundreds of thousands of questions to ask him. I admit that every night I listen to his audios, his meditations and when I travel alone in the car I listen to his talks and trainings. I did not have a specific script, just my head ‘attentive’ to what I was listening to and the doubts that arose.
Ramiro, how do you understand a life dedicated to the practice of meditation, to calm the mind with having written more than 250 books, participating in magazines, blogs, daily trainings in your center, visits to friends in the hospital?

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– You can sit on a cushion on the floor or a chair, as long as your trunk and head are upright, trying as much as possible to immobilize the position or, when necessary, to move very slowly.
Breathing naturally (this is not a breathing exercise), through the nose, the mind is withdrawn from everything and concentrates on the breath. It follows the course of the air, free of ideas or mental discourse, because it is an exercise of pure attention and perception and not of thought. The mind follows, in each moment, the course of the breath. There is no thinking, no analysis, no reflection.
One remains attentive to one’s own mind, becoming a very attentive and unaffected witness of everything that is arising in the mental space. One does not intervene either to provoke or to suspend thoughts, but only observes from a certain distance, without interfering. Let the mind move as it wishes, but the person observes, very attentively and detachedly, everything that runs through it. Neither approves nor disapproves. It does not matter if what comes to mind is beautiful or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant, concluded or inconclusive. It is observed with the utmost equanimity, without reacting. If at a given moment the practitioner realizes that the thoughts have dragged him, he tries to return as soon as possible to his witnessing post.

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Libros de Ramiro CalleRamiro Calle es un profesor de yoga pionero en España, ya que fundó el centro de yoga Shadak en 1971, por cuyas puertas han pasado más de medio millón de personas. Fue profesor de yoga en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y ha publicado más de doscientos libros. Nivola Uya es una premiada ilustradora y artista audiovisual. Entre sus libros se encuentran ¡La vida es bella! (segunda mejor ilustración de portada y mención de honor como mejor libro ilustrado de ficción infantil-inglés en los International Latino Book Awards 2013) y Un tractor muy, muy ruidoso.Yoga : el método Ramiro Calleby Ramiro CalleLike New