Olavide yoga

Olavide yoga

Videos de yoga cuerpo completo 10 – 30 minuten

/Más que un hotel de yoga en el TirolEl yoga es un viaje del corazón que mezclamos con el lujo de 5 estrellasCuando aprendemos a enfocar nuestra fuerza y a vivir la vida en la ligereza con un núcleo fuerte, hemos encontrado el Camino del Yoga. Te lleva aquí al Schlosshotel Fiss, tu hotel de yoga en el Tirol, y al Pabellón del Espíritu y el Alma, donde nuestra instructora de yoga Stefanie te invita a unirte a una suave sesión de Yin Yoga y conectar con tu flujo. Incluso los principiantes pueden seguir las instrucciones y apreciar lo que los yoguis atesoran tanto: El efecto equilibrador y fortalecedor de cada posición, la relajación de los nervios y la relajación del espíritu, la ralentización de los pensamientos y el redescubrimiento del espacio para sentir la claridad, pensar con claridad y sentirse completamente uno con uno mismo. Aproveche el programa de eventos semanales de SHF y venga a nuestras sesiones de yoga guiadas. “Lo que me gustaría dar a todos los que se unen a mí para hacer yoga es una sonrisa y un poco más de ligereza, relajación y energía para la vida cotidiana”, Stefanie Olavide, instructora de yoga de SHFLa armonía interior es una cuestión de corazón.El yoga es una filosofía de vida. En el Schlosshotel Fiss, es un evento semanal.

Fluid yoga flow | no chaturanga, plank, down dog

We like to share with you moments of wellness, care and health.  We are happy to know that you can have moments where you can reconnect with your most emotional part and with your body. We keep the studio ventilated and the common areas are disinfected.
Live online yoga classes through the Zoom platform, adapted and personalized to each student. We offer yoga classes exclusively online, blended yoga classes (face-to-face and online) and also private yoga classes online. Enjoy yoga from the comfort of your home or take it wherever you want!
PREGRABED WORKSHOPS “Yoga is for everyone, it adapts to any type of person and improves our quality of life. An important aspect of yoga classes is the environment: in a close, positive and relaxed atmosphere, we have a good time and the benefits are much greater.”
“Yoga for pregnant women came to me almost by chance and it transformed my entire pregnancy. It helped me enormously to become aware and to connect with myself and my baby. I can say that my pregnancy and birth were what they were (very good and peaceful) in part because of the classes, and then I discovered Yoga for moms and babies also thanks to Elena Ferraris. The classes not only made me physically fit, but also psychically fit, and having Elena as a guide was a luxury!

Sonnengruss routine | 10 min. | surya namaskara 5xa 3xb

Promove Fisioterapia is a project founded by Sara Cruz Sicilia, a physiotherapist with a long professional career. From her experience in health care, teaching and research, she has developed her own work philosophy and way of working.    It is a physiotherapy based on scientific evidence, which incorporates holistic clinical reasoning and oriental integrative philosophy.
Pain reduces mobility and affects quality of life. The Promove team, formed by a Physiotherapist (specialist in manual therapy and movement) and a Psychologist (specialist in Gestalt therapy), will help you discover and reconcile with your body, optimize the possibilities it offers you and have a better quality of life. We promote health, healthy living habits and help you to achieve a fuller life.
We treat conditions that involve pain, muscle and joint problems, sports injuries and alterations in posture and movement. Our methodology consists of combining different manual techniques and complementing them with movement and appropriate exercises. And, in case there are psychological and/or emotional factors that are affecting recovery, we offer the combined treatment of physiotherapy and psychology.

Yoga for the evening | 10 min | inner peace, reduces stress

Due to his long experience as a trained dancer, it is easy for him to pass on the motivation. A combination of deep breathing, concentration, meditation, philosophy and not to forget the physical activity, he succeeds in restoring or strengthening the connection to your own body. Stretching, strengthening of the muscles and flexibility improve almost by themselves.
Britta von der Lieth is the founder of temy.nature, Taijiquan trainer (certified by the German Umbrella Association for Qigong and Taijiquan/DDQT), massage and wellness therapist and nutritionist.
The movements in Taijiquan are slow and flowing. In Taijiquan we learn to perform movements naturally, from the center and with as little effort as possible. However, this also means that we have to learn to change our usual ways of moving and habits. To perceive every movement as if we were doing it for the first time. Being curious like a child. Learning to perceive our body consciously and lovingly again and to give ourselves space.