Hatha yoga madrid

Hatha yoga madrid

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Hatha Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, religion, sex or physical condition; since the yoga teacher will guide you correctly in the practice so that you can adapt it to your own body without fear of injury or harm if there is already any pathology or pain.

A basic Hatha Yoga class should integrate physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas) and an inner work or consciousness that is reached through relaxation and meditation, mental stillness.

Yoga is a path that must be traveled with short but firm steps, cultivating patience and respect towards oneself and others, an apprenticeship, a path towards the interior, the awakening of consciousness…

Anyone can do Hatha Yoga because its practice is directed towards relaxation and stress reduction.  You don’t have to worry about not being flexible enough or if you will be able to keep up with the pace of the class.

Curso de auténtico hatha yoga

Mis clases son para aquellos que quieren acercarse al yoga o que ya lo practican para ayudarles a cambiar su vida como el yoga ha cambiado la mía. A través de una vigorosa práctica de asanas, respiración pranayama y meditación se puede eliminar el estrés y conseguir un profundo conocimiento de uno mismo. A nivel físico se puede conseguir una mejor forma física, flexibilidad y fuerza. A nivel mental se puede conseguir calma, concentración y eliminar la ansiedad y los miedos. ¡Pruébalo y lo comprobarás!

Sobre MonicaHe enseñado durante un año y medio en muchos gimnasios como Virgin y centros de yoga en Milán. Los alumnos siempre estaban contentos con la clase. Hace poco me mudé a Madrid y me gustaría volver a dar clases. Enseño en español, inglés y por supuesto italiano.

Session day 23/04/2020: hatha yoga

Hatha is a term that has been used since the twelfth century and encompasses the most popular styles of yoga today: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, etc.. Do not forget that the postures practiced in the different schools are always the same, what changes is the order, how to link them and breathing.

Nowadays, Hatha refers to a style that usually follows the following guidelines: the class begins with a breath or pranayama, followed by the Sun Salutation and a sequence of twelve linked postures that is repeated several times.

The postures complement each other, strengthening all the limbs of the body. It improves posture, stimulates the internal organs, promotes circulation and works on elasticity, flexibility and strength.

Everyone can practice Hatha as each posture has different adaptations, with or without supports, and can also be replaced by another with similar benefits and without the contraindications for that particular case.

Yoga: hatha-vinyasa para la gratitud (sessione spagnola)

Hatha Yoga: categoria generale che comprende la maggior parte degli stili praticati. “Hatha” significa “perseveranza”, “sforzo” o anche “determinazione”. Essere determinati a raggiungere la liberazione entro un certo periodo.

Una lezione di Hatha Yoga consiste in posture fisiche ed esercizi di respirazione. Le posture sono eseguite più lentamente e durano qualche respiro (da 30 secondi a qualche minuto) per favorire l’ancoraggio e la stabilità. Un vero e proprio lavoro muscolare in profondità.

Vinyasa Yoga: il termine sanscrito Vinyasa deriva da 2 radici “Nyasa” che significa “mettere” e “Vi” che può essere tradotto come “in un modo specifico”. Ogni movimento è legato al ritmo e posto consapevolmente per creare un flusso dinamico.

È uno yoga più ritmico e potente che permette di collegare le posture in modo armonioso con transizioni comunemente chiamate “vinyasa” e utilizzate in particolare durante i saluti al sole. Qui manteniamo le posture in un tempo più breve che durante una sessione di Hatha yoga, ma siamo ancora consapevoli dei nostri movimenti e del nostro allineamento.