Ecuánime rae

Ecuánime rae

Receptive meaning rae

Generally, when we ask about the definition of equanimity or when we want to think about it from a context whose meaning is closer to people, it arises in situations in which we talk about a judgment or the interpretation of a situation, since it implies impartiality.
In this sense, the definition of equanimous in a strict sense corresponds to name a person who has equanimity, that is, who thinks a fact from equality, with impartiality of judgment and also with a constancy in his mind to establish his interpretation.
As a result of the above, it is understood then that it is a word related to justice, reason, equity and the right of people. Normally it is a term used in those social situations in which it is intended to reach a certain degree of social consensus to determine what is defined as bad and what would be good, according to previously established regulations.
A very good example of this is that it is common to speak of impartial judges, in terms of a sentence that is impartial at the time of making a judgment. In other words, it is a professional problem for them to enforce justice.


One of the hindrances to this struggle is women themselves, for we must not forget that many sexist crimes are perpetrated by women. Genital mutilation or stoning in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are ingrained and respected condemnations among the female community. Femicide revered by the culture. “But the ideological perpetrators are the same men who have historically held patriarchal power,” condemns Hernandez.
In fact, many states hide behind the term femicide to wipe their hands clean. This is the case in Canada, which boasts of investigating 98% of crimes committed against women. “Investigating and condemning is not enough, if a femicide occurs and the State does not prevent it, it has failed.”

Equanimous synonym

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Equity rae

“Happy event”. For his part, the mayor of Argamasilla de Alba, Pedro Antonio Jiménez, expressed the “immense honor” that it is for the town to receive the academics in the “secular sanctuary” of the Casa de Medrano. Making his own some words of Don Quixote, the alderman spoke of “a happy event worthy of being carved in bronze, sculpted in marble and painted on boards for the memory of the future”.
Jiménez, who showed his willingness to “continue deepening the institutional relationship” between Argamasilla de Alba and the RAE, emphasized the link between the town and the academics throughout history, specifically with Juan Ignacio Hartzenbusch, Azorín and Rubén Darío, and more recently with José Manuel Blecua and Darío Villanueva and Arturo Pérez Reverte, “promoters of this visit”.