Biodanza malaga

Biodanza malaga

biodanza and mental health. an experience in malaga

The volunteers Javier González del Rosario, emotional therapist, and María José Vila Santos, Biodanza facilitator, are in charge of teaching this workshop that from March 7 to June 20 has as general objectives to improve the quality of life of people and create a space for listening and self-care.
The participants in the workshop, preferably foreigners, find in Biodanza a way to control stress and anxiety, relax tensions and raise their self-esteem. The fact of being imprisoned implies an affective and social isolation that entails the loss of sexual, family and social roles, as well as a deterioration of one’s own identity.
For two hours, these people deprived of liberty can feel a little freer through Biodanza, a tool that seeks to stimulate the healthy part that each person carries inside and helps them to bond in a more affective way with themselves and with others.
The workshop consists of fifteen sessions and each of them is divided into two parts. The first part, which lasts half an hour, is a space for verbal communication and listening where each participant expresses his or her feelings, doubts and experiences from the previous session. During the second part, words are left aside and the men are invited to express themselves through body language and gestures.

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vi national meeting of biodanza. malaga, october 2011.

The platform ‘More is never less’ has organized, in collaboration with Biodanza Association of Malaga (Amabio), a Solidarity Festival of Biodanza in favor of social projects that the first has underway in Ivory Coast, specifically in the city of Korhogo. It will take place this Sunday at the Innova building in Arroyo de la Miel, in Benalmádena (Málaga).
The organization of this festival has had the collaboration of Amabio, a non-profit association created in 2016, which brings together facilitators in the province of Malaga and aims to disseminate and publicize the Rolando Toro Biodanza System so that people can benefit from this technique.
The proceeds from this festival will go to benefit the projects that the NGO ‘More is never less’ has underway in the city of Korhogo, north of Ivory Coast, mainly to the construction of a comprehensive social center for maternity. For those who cannot attend, a zero row has been set up for donations: ES47 2100 4789 8802 0017 3586.

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In addition, in terms of technique, biodanza is developed on five major “lines of experience”: vitality, affectivity, creativity, sexuality and transcendence. These five lines cover the totality of life and their development and expression enhance the degree of health and integration of people. Thus, during these sessions, the participant gets to feel as it really is, experiencing his body as a source of pleasure and a way to communicate and convey their feelings.
This extension of biodanza takes the participants towards the oceanic experience. The exercises induce states that have a character of organic renewal and are usually performed in a pool at 32 degrees of temperature.
The aquatic biodanza is a true experience of rebirth that dissolves the armors and heals the state of stress. The experience is not only of sensibility and emotion, but it embraces the affective feeling, the deep tenderness, which constitute a high evolutionary level. The feelings of revitalization and harmony that derive from the experience of aquatic biodanza predispose people to new forms of action and relationship with themselves, with others and with nature.