Acroyoga bilbao

Acroyoga bilbao

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AMALURRA (Bizkaia) Amalurra, “Mother Earth” in Basque, is the name of a community project that was born in the early 1990s out of a longing to live in community and in contact with nature.
Today, its families live together in common outdoor spaces and a sustainable hotel complex in which we offer beautiful spaces, ideal for retreat, rest and reflection, as well as facilities for personal care: spa, sauna and health and wellness treatments.Outside the galleryHow to get thereThis beautiful place called Amalurra is located at the foot of Mount Kolitza, in the neighborhood La Reneja 35 – 48879, Arzentales Bizkaia (Spain).
A week before the beginning of the Wellness we will organize pick-ups from different parts of the country, the objective? to share the trip and the expenses, to get to know each other along the way and to reduce pollution as much as possible.

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Acroyoga is a fusion of acrobatics, Yoga and Thai massage. Proponents of this form of Yoga argue that the combination of these three factors produces special benefits to those who practice it.
The roles can be interchanged and, thus, the same person can be, successively, base, flyer or caregiver. This interchange of roles within the practice of Acroyoga can be very beneficial for those who wish to improve their ability to work in community.
As with other forms of Yoga, Acroyoga can also be practiced at many different levels. The levels of depth of the practice of Acroyoga will depend on the particular physical characteristics of the person who is going to practice it, the practice and the level of attention that person is able to maintain during the exercise of Acroyoga.

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A perfect place to discover and deepen the practice of yoga with classes, workshops and trainings in different styles. A space for the practice of Yoga in the center of Bilbao. Where you will have the opportunity to connect body, mind and soul through breathing, movement and feeling.
The range of yoga styles that we offer in Bamboo Yoga Bilbao range from the most basic for beginners in yoga, to the most advanced such as Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga for more experienced practitioners.
In the practice of Aerial Yoga we use as a main tool the yoga swing or hammock with which we will work to improve and access yoga postures in a different way. We work on flexibility, strength, breathing and relaxation. We also work the inverted ones in a safe way and maintain them without much physical effort.